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The profile of Ydrometal

Historical retrospection


Ioannis Anyfantakis, founder and householder of Ydrometal, began his activity in the field of plumbers and ironware in February 1972.

YDROMETAL S.A. established its current form in 1981. Initially, the company dealt with products and materials of Water supply - Irrigation, as well as with domestic and professional Heating systems. Later, YDROMETAL expanded dynamically at high rates of growth in also two (2) branches: Refrigeration - Air conditioning and Sanitary ware - Tiles, contracting collaborations with the biggest internationally productive companies in the field.

Today YDROMETAL is one of the most dynamically developing and more innovating commercial companies in Crete with Annual Turnover of € 10.780.000 (2006 data).

Company Profile

It allocates two privately-owned shops in Heraklion, the 1st is in the industrial region Heraklion-Road Η’ (Location of enterprise and stocking spaces) and the 2nd in the region “Estavromenos” in node PAGNI (Commercial Centre), with total installations of 12.500 s.m. that entertain more than 50.000 ready for delivery products.

It employs 54 employees 12 of whom are graduated of high level faculties.

It provides absolutely specialised solutions for each category of customers (Constructors, civil contractors, After-sale Shops, Hotels etc), knowing their particular requirements and offers thus the most competitive solutions.

It allocates ultramodern equipment of receipt and loading merchandises as well as a fleet of 10 privately-owned vehicles which can serve each customer.

Its activities have spread in other regions of Greece, such as Dodecanese, Peloponnesus, Attica, mainly in the services of big construction.

It innovates and investing in products of new technology (Photovoltaic, Solar Energy, Geothermic), bringing the technology nearer to the application.

The Vision of the company is "to maintain its leading place in the market, improving continuously the quality of customers' service and technical support and applying innovating and modern systems of management and disposal of merchandises, with simultaneous growth of human potential".

The Mission of the company is "to cover the all aspects of materials that concern its sectors of activity and offer competitive products with absolutely specialised service and completed technical support, so that to satisfy as much as possible more needs and wishes of its customers, building at the same time long-lasting relations of confidence".

Moreover the triptych "EXPERIENCE - KNOW-HOW - AESTHETIC" constitutes the new sign of company.

YDROMETAL S.A. is certified with ISO 9001 for the quality of service and the processes that applies.