Energy News Αξιολογούμε για εσάς τις σύγχρονες εναλλακτικές εφαρμογές θέρμανσης. Ότι πρέπει να γνωρίζετε για τις αντλίες θερμότητας.



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Ydrometal has had a leading part in the field of domestic and professional heating since 1978. The long-lasting experience with the object has as result the choice of most reliable materials in the market.


At the same time a team of 7 mechanical engineers offer completed technical support, calculating special mechanical studies of every venue taking into consideration its special needs and propose the best possible solution.

Priority of Ydrometal is the quality, the high outcome, the economy of operation, and the aesthetic upgrade of space. Taking into consideration these criteria the company has also contracted in the field of heating, collaborations with big and reliable names that provide high final value as: DELONGHI, SIME, RADEL, BUDERUS, BALTUR, CORDIVARI, GRUNDFOS, PINTOSSI etc.

Αντλίες Θερμότητας Carrier - Toshiba
Μπορούμε να το αποδείξουμε! 75% Οικονομία

Εκμεταλλευτείτε την ενέργεια από το περιβάλλον για εξοικονόμηση
έως 80% στο κόστος θέρμανσης

είτε για νέα οικοδομή είτε για σπίτι με εγκατεστημένο σύστημα θέρμανσης οι αντλίες θερμότητας παρέχουν θέρμανση, ψύξη και παραγωγή ζεστού νερού χρήσης


carrier-aquasnap Γιατί να επιλέξω αντλία θερμότητας;

  • Xαμηλό κόστος λειτουργίας και συντήρησης
  • Δεν απαιτείται ξεχωριστός χώρος λεβητοστασίου, δεξαμενής πετρελαίου ή αγωγός Φ.Α. και καπναγωγός
  • Δεν λειτουργεί με εύφλεκτα καύσιμα οπότε & δεν απαιτούνται ειδικά μέτρα ασφάλειας
  • Δεν προπληρώνετε για τα έξοδα λειτουργίας και δεν δεσμεύετε χρήματα από τον οικογενειακό σας προϋπολογισμό
  • Δυνατότητα ψύξης-θέρμανσης με την ίδια συσκευή (υπό προϋποθέσεις)

3 kWh ανανεώσιμης ενέργειας + 1 kWh ηλεκτρικής ενέργειας αποδίδουν 4 kWh θερμικής ενέργειας

Η αρχή λειτουργίας της αντλίας θερμότητας είναι πολύ απλή. Ο ήλιος θερμαίνει τον αέρα του περιβάλλοντος, του οποίου την ενέργεια η αντλία θερμότητας μετατρέπει σε θέρμανση. Η μετατροπή αυτή για να επιτευχθεί απαιτεί την κατανάλωση μικρού μόνο ποσού ηλεκτρικής ενέργειας.

Έτσι, ο λογαριασμός της Δ.Ε.Η δεν έχει δυσάρεστες εκπλήξεις.

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Τώρα για το σπίτι μας... Δωρεάν Ενέργεια απο το Περιβάλλον με Αντλία Θερμότητας!

Αντλίες Θερμότητας Carrier - Toshiba Αντλίες Θερμότητας Carrier - Toshiba Αντλίες Θερμότητας Carrier - Toshiba
Cast iron - Steel Boiler

YDROMETAL S.A. imports and offers in the Greek market the leading cast-irons boilers of oil and gas of leading European factories
SIME Italy, BUDERUS and GIERSCH Germany.

Also in collaboration with the Greek company LAVITHERM offers complete range and attractive prices in steel (iron) boilers, with high degree of output.

  • The cast-irons boilers assemble a lot of advantages concerning corresponding steel, as smaller dimensions for same thermal force, big duration of life, efficient operation and economy in the consumption of fuel.
  • Are manufactured according to stricter International Specifications of Quality and ensure sure and noiseless operation and respect in the environment
  • They are sold in big range of ready for delivery models with force from 30 to 300 KW
Autonomous Unit of Central Heating
Autonomous Unit of Central Heating

YDROMETAL S.A appears a complete range in the individual units of oil and liquid gas (LPG), on the wall and on the floor, so that gives solutions in small boiler rooms and problematic in size spaces.

In collaboration with companies SATURN and SIME a complete range stainless, cupreous, cast-irons and steel individual units gives the ideal solution in installations up to 46 KW.

Burners of Oil and Gas

The companies that represent the YDROMETAL S.A in the burners of oil and gas (LPG) are,

  • Italian BALTUR & SIME MACK
  • And the German MAN, BUDERUS and GIERSCH.

Big reliability and wide range of choices with force from 15,5 to 2500 Kw for oil and from 10 to 900 Kw (0,5 - 76 Kg/h) for the liquid gas.

Ideal combinations with corresponding boilers, offer noiseless operation, economy, ergonomy, safety and aesthetics in the installation of central heating.


YDROMETAL S.A. represents the radiators of type panel of Italian company DELONGHI, (DELONGHI, RADEL, LINEAR) as well as German BUDERUS.

Special dye and guarantee of quality 15 years (DELONGHI, RADEL).

Special radiators of incorporated bronchus for all the spaces with big adaptability of dimensions for irreproachable aesthetic result.

Possibility of order in a lot of nuances. Enormous range, permanent deposit.

Decorative radiators

The decorative radiators of Italian companies DELONGHI (multicolona - dolce vita - fantasia - elegance chromo), CORDIVARI and IRSAAP (tesi) that represent the YDROMETAL S.A. give one separate brushstroke of aesthetics and ergonomic in each space.

Decorative radiators

Bath radiators for each type of bath or WC in a lot of dimensions and colorations for aesthetic harmony and affection.

Decorative radiators

Specifically radiators in a lot of nuances for houses with prestige.

Flooring heating

Flooring heating

25 years ago began to implement the flooring heating. We have reached today therefore in the point, this system of heating to have become more widely acceptable.

Flooring heating with hot water, is the one that has prevailed with percentage that touches upon the 95% in our country against other systems of flooring heating (e.g. electric resistance).

The process of flooring heating operation is very simple and has as follows:

The hot water prepared in the suitable temperature from some source of heat (e.g. boiler room, pump of heat, solar group etc.) leaking the pipings of flooring, then heats the concrete, raises temperature and heats the space. Flooring heat heats the space mainly radiating temperature (65%) and incidentally with transport (35%).

s on one side, and the continuously increasing cost of conventional forms of energy on the other side, lead as one way road to the use of renewable forms of energy even on issues daily applications as the heating and the air conditioning of residence.
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One of the forms of energy that belong in this category, the renewable that is to say forms of energy is also the geothermal energy.

With the term geothermal energy we mean the energy that is contained in the interior of ground and is so much big, that can be considered practically inexhaustible for the human meters.

The beginning of geothermal energy is exceptionally simple and it is based on the fact that few meters under the surface of ground the temperature of ground is constant in their 14-20°C  all the duration of time. If consequently we exploit the difference of temperature between subsoil and surface, we can heat spaces the winter and freeze them respectively in the summertime.

This becomes with the use of geothermal pump of heat, while the heat is transmitted via a network of pipings with water, that is found in horizontal provision and low depth, or in vertical provision exploiting one or more drillings that become for that reason.
A geothermic pump of heat consumes usually round 25-30% of the energy that attributes.
Thus the users of geothermic energy can receive up to 75% of required heat, free from the ground.

Moreover the use of geothermal energy ensures the following advantages:

  • Is available all the day, all the duration of time and under any meteorological. (It does not depend e.g. from the sunlight etc).
  • Is permanently renewable, while it emanates from the interior of ground and the radiation of helium.
  • It can be developed with tested technologies of refrigeration - heating.
  • It ensures heating and refrigeration of spaces as well as production of hot water of use with the same installation without moreover cost.
  • It completely releases from oil.
  • It economizes spaces, there is not need for reservoir of oil and chimney
  • Is friendly to the environment, do not exist emissions of pollutants.
Automatisms of Saving Energy

The technological development in the automatisms of buildings installations tends to improve the quality of our life with quick rhythms.

YDROMETAL S.A. in collaboration with the bigger companies in the modern domestic automatism proposes sufficient solutions in the sector of automatisms and saving of energy.

SIEMENS, HONEYWELL, COVAX, IMIT and CAMPINI are the leading collaborating groups with our company.

Boilers of Production Hot Water of Use
Boilers of Production Hot Water of Use

The production and storage of hot water of use in domestic, but also in the professional and hotel sector is a very sensitive and important object.

Heater for residences but also big boilers production and storage of hot water for hotel and professional units are been disposed in collaboration with big European constructors, as Italian colossus CORDIVARI but also with the better domestic producers as company ELCO.

Solar Heater

Ydrometal S.A. the sensitized in the subjects of saving of energy and considering solar energy as most familiar and widespread in Greek consumer, attended it selects products of big output, most excellent quality and in with satisfactory relation of value of price.

Fittings - Heating Installations Stuff
Fittings - Heating Installations Stuff

YDROMETAL S.A. has henceforth contracted a line from commercial collaborations with the biggest and reliable companies, with regard to the fittings, so that it can support the basic and big categories of types that are activated.

Companies as CIMBERIO, TIEMME, REHAU, ATUSA, FAR, PINTOCCI, CHERBROSS, WEFATHERM, K/M, R/M, IBΣ, DUCLA, DANFOSS & SIEMENS, offer solutions, certainty and reliability in each application and installation.