The modern requirements of building manufacturing require the use of specialised tools that will improve the speed of manufacture and will render more productive the outcome of the technical work. Thus the branch of companies of tool manufacturing (electrical and hand tool), have made great leaps in the development and mastering of the technology to manufacture these tools


Consequently the purchase of high quality products is possible with multiple possibilities and competitive prices. Problems of manufacturing that in the past seemed unsolvable, today with the use of suitably selected tools, can be accomplished easily.

In Ydrometal you will find ready for delivery and in competitive prices all tools that will make the life of professional plumber - cooling - electrician really easy.

Specialised technicians will help you to choose and they will deal with any problem that might come up.

Some of our products

  • Electric tools HITACHI ROWER TOOLS
  • Electric tools and collections BLACK and DECHER
  • Hand Tools
  • Collections
  • Tools VIRAX
  • Hand Tools and equipment of self-propelled garage organisation USAG.
  • Portable Generators
  • Gas compressors and tools
  • Electric weldings
  • Drills, disks of cutting and smoothing
  • Types of protection of workers